Big Booty Tight Tummy vol II

by Johanna Sophia

About Big Booty Tight Tummy vol II

"big booty, tight tummy" is all about bringing a community of girls and women together to achieve the body you’ve always wanted while still focusing on the importance of mental strength and self-confidence. 20 unique gym workouts + 20 home workouts that can be done within the span of the 30 day challenge (members may pick and choose what workouts to do and the frequency of times they would like to train during the week)Hone in your skill for the bench, squat, and deadlift

Big Booty Tight Tummy vol II Program Reviews

Product Details

Category Build Muscle
Duration Not Specified
Fitness Level Beginner
Free Trial No
Gym Required Yes
Starting Price $15.00

Instructor Details

Certification Not Specified
Gender Female
Name Johanna Sophia

Vendor Details

Company Name Johanna Sophia

Big Booty Tight Tummy vol II Reviews